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Jessica Nunn

Skytale Group

Jessica Nunn is a partner at Skytale Group The Skytale Group provides services for financial advising, consulting, M&A and, day-to-day business operations. Jessica has a background in accounting and helping dentists reach their financial goals through strategic planning and preparation. She focuses on the practice’s production rates per hour, such as the doctor’s, hygiene departments, etc. Jessica and the Skytale Group create a customized and personalized plan for each of their clients to ensure success and improvement.

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Host, The Dental Brief

Dear listeners and guests,

The world doesn’t need another dental podcast, but it does need a better one. The Dental Brief podcast packs more useful, actionable information and advice into 10 minutes than any other podcast available.

The Dental brief is for busy dental professionals who are motivated to grow their practice. Each podcast is kept as close to ten minutes as possible. Guests speak on a wide variety of subjects with one common theme; giving you the information and advice you need to achieve your goals as quickly as possible.

I hope you enjoy each and every episode.

To your success,