How to Successfully Sell Your Dental Practice | Craig Gibowicz | The Dental Brief #279

June 22, 2024 • 14 minutes

Join us on the Dental Brief podcast as we dive into the intricacies of selling your dental practice with Craig Gibowicz, Practice Broker of National Sales at Menlo Dental Transitions. Craig, a 25-year dental industry veteran, shares his wealth of knowledge on navigating the complex world of practice valuations, sales, and transitions. He discusses common misconceptions about selling dental practices, emphasizing the importance of understanding your options and having a clear vision for your future.

Craig Gibowicz brings more than two decades of experience in the dental industry to his role at Menlo Dental Transitions. As a Practice Broker of National Sales, Craig enjoys guiding practitioners through the intricate practice valuation and sales processes. He primarily works with dental practice owners in Colorado, New Mexico, and Wyoming. Previously, Craig spent 20 years at Henry Schein Dental, where he served as Regional Sales Manager, Practice Broker, and Field Sales Consultant. In these roles, he helped dentists across multiple states grow their practices and provided crucial advice on supplies, equipment, and technology. Craig also holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

In this episode, Craig reveals:

• The 10 different paths to selling your practice: It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach, considering factors such as practice size, desired timeline, revenue preferences, and equity options.

• The role of Menlo Dental Transitions’ full-service team: From valuation analysts to transaction coordinators, they’ve got you covered.

• Starting your transition planning early is important: Don’t leave money on the table!

• The benefits of working with a team versus a solo broker: Collaboration and expertise are key.

Viewers will gain a deeper understanding of the dental practice sales landscape, the role of practice brokers, and the benefits of having a dedicated team to support the transition process. Craig also highlights the unique advantages of working with Menlo Dental Transitions, which boasts a robust team of experts, including certified valuation analysts, transaction managers, and marketing professionals, all working together to ensure the best outcomes for their clients.

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Don’t miss this episode if you’re considering selling your dental practice or want to learn more about the process. Craig Gibowicz’s wealth of experience and practical advice will provide you with the knowledge you need to navigate the transition successfully.