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  • Preventing Burnout: Post-COVID Dental Practice Strategies | Dr. Ravi Patel | The Dental Brief #141

    March 16, 202216 min.
    Today Dr. Patel joins us to discuss strategies for Preventing Burnout. This time has been particularly challenging for dental practices...
  • Ukraine Refugee Crisis: Calling all Dentists | Dr. Richard Simpson | The Dental Brief #139

    March 9, 202215 min.
    The Ukraine Refugee Virtual Clinic is a Global effort to link licensed physicians for Telehealth services to Ukrainian Refugees who have...
  • Navigating Your Practice Thru COVID | Ryan Hauber & Adam Reisch | The Dental Brief #113

    November 2, 202120 min.
    Topic 1: HK’s Brush Up Review: A complimentary review of your practice’s financial and compliance well-being. Topic 2: Dental...
  • In-Home Dental Care for Seniors | Dr. Joy Poskozim | The Dental Brief #94

    May 24, 202114 min.
    Dr. Joy Poskozim is a practicing dentist at Joyful Dental Care in Chicago. Joy, not only services many different age groups at the practice...
  • Employee COVID-19 Vaccination in Dental Practices | Olivia Wann | The Dental Brief #68

    March 24, 202129 min.
    Olivia returns to our show to talk about a very relevant topic on COVID-19 vaccinations, HIPAA Compliance standards within a dental team....
  • Dental Practice Infection Control | Brandi Hooker Evans | The Dental Brief #4

    July 23, 202016 min.
    Brandi joins us today to discuss in depth on how you can strategize your Dental Practice Infection Control! Do you know anyone that simply...