Emmet Scott


Emmet Scott is not a dentist. But he is a dental industry disrupter, entrepreneur, and co-founder of Community Dental Partners (CDP), including its wildly popular Smile Magic Family Dental brand. Alongside his partner, who is also his best-friend-since-childhood Dr. Chad Evans, he has grown what began as a vision to do dentistry differently while also taking care of the underserved into a multi-million dollar (and rapidly growing) company.

Emmet’s work in the dental industry began in 2010 with his first dental brainchild, Smile Magic, which delivers a Disney-like experience to the families the offices serve, complete with storybook themes, gold coins, a movie theater, and lobby play gym. In 2012, Emmet co-founded Community Dental Partners. A dental support organization that allows dental partner practices to use their proven business resources, support, and experience to run and scale their own companies successfully.

This parent company now supports its original Smile Magic brand and over 70 other additional dental partner practices and is regularly expanding. An engaging and celebrated leader, Emmet is dedicated to changing the way the dental industry runs from the inside out. He is widely respected by his peers and serves as the newly elected President of the Association of Dental Support Organizations. Emmet is also the host of the DSO Secrets podcast focused on the group dental industry he serves.

Emmet lives in Texas with his wife and six children, all redheads. When not working, he enjoys reading business and leadership books, watching TED talks, and playing racquetball. He is fluent in American Sign Language and worked with deaf students in California and Arizona as part of a church missionary program. He graduated from Brigham Young University in accounting.

Most potential customers don-t understand the value of your Practice, but they do understand the Pain. This illustrates the importance of understanding who your customers are and how to serve them. Listen to find out all of Mr. Scott-s advice.

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    Emmet Scott is not a dentist. But he is a dental industry disrupter, entrepreneur, and...