Dr. Vilas Sastry


Dr. Vilas Sastry has been in the dental industry for over 20 years and have had the privilege of helping thousands of patients.

Through his experience, he has been able to find solutions to several of their issues ranging from actual dental care needs to the more complex financial and technological barriers that we must all navigate as health care providers.

From 2006-2017, as Chief Executive Officer of Aces Dental, Dr. Sastry led a team of dentists to provide real world dental services in the Las Vegas area. Concurrently from 2007-2016 as CEO of Health Networks of America, he grew a dental insurance brokerage firm from scratch to a multimillion-dollar operation spanning over 3000 dental offices nationwide. He has gained industry insight from both the dental practitioner’s perspective and that of the insurance companies he worked with.

Today as CEO of Teledentistry.com, these previous experiences have led to the creation of a unique business model that bridges decades of experience in patient care, dentistry, technology and insurance.

Episode Featuring Dr. Vilas Sastry
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