Dr. Ravi Patel

Dr. Ravi Patel completed his undergraduate studies at Indiana University. He later earned his Masters in Biology from Purdue University. He earned his Doctorate Degree from Nova Southeastern University-s College of Dental Medicine. Dr. Patel truly enjoys taking continuing education courses to refine his clinical skills and implementing what he learns at his dental practice in Buford.

This experience has allowed Dr. Patel to develop a deep understanding of both the clinical and operational aspects that are necessary to own and operate a dental office.

Blueprint Smiles Dental Group is a new-wave dental group that is here to support your private practice, create a world-class patient experience, and encourage innovation. Blue Print Smiles takes care of all the parts of running a dental practice that you don’t want to deal with anymore.

Business operations, marketing, legal, technical support, accounting. Their goal is to streamline, simplify, and give you back those nights and weekends to spend with your loved ones.

In his free time, Dr. Patel enjoys spending time with his wife Monica and his two children.

Episode Featuring Dr. Ravi Patel
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