Dr. Ankur Gupta

Dr. Gupta and his wife Dr. Nisha Punjabi opened their practice in 2005 which is located outside Cleveland, Ohio. The mission for their practice is to always sever their community with exceptional dental health needs.

Ankur is also a prominent speaker in the surrounding public-school system by passionately teaching oral hygiene to students. He talks to our listeners on the importance of mental and physical health and shares some easy and simple posture exercises practice’s and their teams can do every day to help improve their overall health.

Episodes Featuring Dr. Ankur Gupta:
  • Maintaining Your Mental & Physical Health | Dr. Ankur Gupta | The Dental Brief #18

    November 19, 202019 min.
    On this episode, Dr. Ankur Gupta joins us from North Ridgeville Family Dentistry to discuss Maintaining Your Mental and Physical Health....
  • Ways Dentists Can Get Involved in their Communities | Dr. Ankur Gupta | The Dental Brief #33

    January 1, 202119 min.
    We are so happy to have back Dr. Ankur Gupta to our show to discuss a Guide for Dentist Community Involvement! Ankur talks to our audience...