Work Smarter, Not Harder; Marketing to Your Ideal Dental Clients | Dr. Chris Phelps

January 31, 2023 • 18 minutes

Dr. Christopher Phelps
Golden Goose Scheduling, The Phelps Institute and Dental Membership Direct
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Today we are joined by Dr. Chris Phelps of The Phelps Institute to discuss Work Smarter, Not Harder; Marketing to Your Ideal Dental Clients and much more!

Dr. Christopher Phelps is an entrepreneur, general dentist, and an amazon best-selling author of the book, Grow Your Dental Membership Plan and The COMPLETE Book On Dental Marketing. He is a certified Kolbe Trainer and is also an expert in the science of ethical influence and persuasion having received his Cialdini Method Certified Trainer (CMCT) certification under acclaimed behavioral scientist, Dr. Robert Cialdini.

He currently practices in Charlotte NC and is the cohost on the Dental Slang and Marketing Mindset podcasts. He is the founder and president of Golden Goose Scheduling, The Phelps Institute, and Dental Membership Direct. Golden Goose Scheduling helps practices answer and schedule more new patient calls while reactivating patients who are overdue for hygiene care. The Phelps Institute was founded to train Dentists in both the clinical and business aspects of running their practice. At Dental Membership Direct, his team helps offices create, implement and grow their own in-house dental membership plan.

Recently, Dr. Phelps Co-Founded, Your Marketing CEO. Your Marketing CEO advises practices to make sure they are getting a return for their marketing investment.

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