What if Dental Financing Could Be Easy (and Profitable)? | Fulton Collins | The Dental Brief #277

June 17, 2024 • 14 minutes

Join us on the Dental Brief podcast as we explore the innovative world of dental financing with Fulton Collins, CEO of Wellfit Technologies Inc. Wellfit is a unique healthcare technology platform that combines financing options, discount dental plans, and payment processing solutions, streamlining the financial aspect of dental care for both patients and providers.

In this episode, Fulton shares his insights on the challenges of traditional dental payments and how Wellfit is transforming the industry. He discusses the three core products offered by Wellfit:

• Membership/discount plans

• financing marketplace, and credit card payments,

• and how these products work together to create a seamless patient experience and increase dentists’ case acceptance.

Fulton also delves into the importance of providing multiple financing options to patients, the benefits of dental plans for patients and providers and how Wellfit is making the financing process more comfortable and efficient for everyone involved.

About Fulton Collins:

Fulton Collins is the CEO of Wellfit Technologies Inc. He has a diverse background in financial services and healthcare, having held leadership positions at Network Communications Inc., Summit Acceptance, and International Oncology Care. His extensive experience in business operations, sales, marketing, and financial management makes him a valuable leader in the healthcare technology space.

Ready to revolutionize your dental practice’s financial approach? Visit https://wellfit.com/ to learn more about Wellfit’s innovative solutions.