Ukraine Refugee Crisis: Calling all Dentists | Dr. Richard Simpson | The Dental Brief #139

March 09, 2022 • 14 minutes

The Ukraine Refugee Virtual Clinic is a Global effort to link licensed physicians for Telehealth services to Ukrainian Refugees who have fled the War in Ukraine.

Dentists in Poland have set up a network of practices that are offering free urgent dental care to refugees from the War in Ukraine. There are now more than a million refugees. Poland, because of its proximity to Ukraine, already has 505,000, with more on the way.

Today, Dr. Richard Simpson of Holland Healthcare, discusses the Ukraine Refugee Virtual Clinic and recruiting much needed dentists and licensed physicians to aid in the War in Ukraines' Refugees.

Dr. Richard Simpson is a Pediatric Dentist practicing in Alabama, and is the chief clinical officer at Holland Health Care. He has been involved with national and state advocacy groups to improve oral health.

Dr. Simpson has become very active in past few years on Linked-in. He now focuses on cross sector networking and leveraging contacts in the TeleDentistry and TeleHealth fields.

Almost 50 dentists so far are offering care to Ukrainians.

We are urgently in need of more Physicians that can speak Polish or Russian. If you are interested in participating in our efforts, Learn More about

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