TMJ, Sleep Apnea, and Depression | Dr. David Shirazi | The Dental Brief #132

February 11, 2022 • 18 minutes

Today Dr. David Shirazi joins us to discuss the relationship between TMJ, Sleep Apnea, and Depression.

He discusses how TMJ (temporomandibular) disorder relates to sleep apnea. Furthermore, Dr. Shirazi deep dives into how many disorders are related to TMJ disorder. Disorders including depression, anxiety, sleep apnea, diabetes and TMJ are related, and often co-exist in a patient.

With his extensive background and knowledge in treating TMJ disorders, Dr. Shirazi explains tips for accurately diagnosing co-existing disorders in your patients.


Dr. Shirazi graduated from Howard University College of Dentistry, in Washington D.C. in 2000 and earned a Masters degree in Oriental Medicine from SAMRA University in 2006 and is also a board licensed Acupuncturist.

He has completed over 2000 hours of continuing education in TMD and facial pain, craniomandibular orthopedics, and sleep disordered breathing. He has

also completed a hospital mini-residency in oriental medicine at the China Beijing International Acupuncture Training Centre which is the only organization the World Health Organization (WHO) has authorized to teach

internationally on acupuncture and herbology, and another at Kyung Hee University and Medical Center, the top medical hospital and medical research school in Korea.

In 2011 through 2016, he became a board licensed RPSGT; Sleep Technologists are licensed to conduct and score sleep studies. He is the founder of the Bite, Breathe and Balance Podcast, dedicated to the

multidisciplinary approach to treating craniofacial pain and sleep disorders in adults and children. Dr. Shirazi is the director of state of the art private practices, The TMJ and Sleep Therapy Centre of Conejo Valley and Los Angeles, that are limited to the treatment of TMD, craniofacial pain, Sleep breathing disorders, and craniomandibular orthopedics.

His practice is part of the TMJ and Sleep Therapy Centre international family, one of over 65 Centres throughout the world, and is located in the beautiful hills of Thousand Oaks and Brentwood CA. Personally, Dr. Shirazi enjoys hiking and camping in the state parks, traveling, and speaking. He is married to the love of his life Kimberly Shirazi, and have welcomed their first son, Maximus. They live in the Santa Monica Mountains, where they are very close to nature.

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