The Unexpected Way to Double Your Dental Referrals | Dr. Ilona Casellini | Dental Brief #273

June 5, 2024 • 13 minutes

Ready to double your dental referrals without breaking the bank? Join us for an exclusive interview with Dr. Ilona Casellini, founder of Swiss Quality Smile in Los Angeles and a fourth-generation dental professional. Dr. Casellini shares her unconventional journey from aspiring veterinarian to successful dentist, revealing the mentor who sparked her passion for dentistry.

Discover how Dr. Casellini built a thriving practice in the competitive Los Angeles market by focusing on patient experience and personalized care. Learn her surprising secret to doubling referrals (hint: it involves firing her hygienists!) and how she creates a boutique-style dental experience that patients can’t stop talking about.

In this episode, Dr. Casellini reveals:

• Her unique $1 trick that elevates the patient experience and leads to more referrals.

• How she attracts high-value patients without Beverly Hills prices.

• Why did she do her dental hygiene and see case acceptance skyrocket.

• The power of building intimate relationships with patients and how it translates to practice growth.

Whether a new dentist or a seasoned practitioner, this episode is packed with actionable tips and inspiring insights to transform your practice and boost your referrals.

Visit Dr. Casellini’s website at to learn more about her approach to dentistry.