The Key to Avoiding Dental Appointment Cancellations Part 2 | Eric Vickery | The Dental Brief #245

October 31, 2023 • 18 minutes

We are joined by Eric Vickery to discuss The Key to Avoiding Dental Appointment Cancellations Part 2 and more!

Holding a degree in Business Administration, Eric brings a strong business and systems approach to his clients. Having managed dental practices for over ten years, combined with utilizing Dental practice management training,

Eric has led teams to improving their practices through Coaching since 2001. Eric brings verbal skills, systems training and his engaging and humorous delivery to all of his seminar leading. Eric has been a key contributor to the Coaching Services programs through the development of his Practice Monitoring Systems.

He is Coaching Dental offices all over the Country who benefit from his experience in coaching over 250 dental offices since 2001. He is an expert on case acceptance verbal skills and the DISC personality profile. He has a passion for stopping cancellations, handling patient objections, and asking patients for referrals/reviews.

With his expertise in financial arrangements, third party financing and eliminating dependence on insurance. Eric and his wife Abby are the proud parents of four children and live in northern California.

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