Steps to Building a Happy Dental Team | Shelly VanEpps | The Dental Brief #213

June 13, 2023 • 17 minutes

Shelly VanEpps
All-Star Dental Academy
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We are joined by Shelly VanEpps to discuss Steps to Building a Happy Dental Team and more!

Shelly is the VP of Business Development & a Mastery Coach with All-Star Dental Academy.

By aiding in the growth and expansion of All-Star, Shelly’s passion for dentistry allows the company to focus on guiding dentists and their teams towards achieving their vision of a successful dental practice.

Because each office has their own definition of “success” Shelly focuses her attention on customized coaching by applying her 21 years in the dental field to each department within the office.

In addition, as a John Maxwell Certified Leadership Coach, Shelly enjoys working with doctors and office managers on shifting their approach from a managerial approach to a more effective leadership style.

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