Solving Dental Implant Problems with Innovative Solutions | Matt Hendrickson | The Dental Brief #237

September 28, 2023 • 13 minutes

We are joined by Matt Hendrickson to discuss Solving Dental Implant Problems with Innovative Solutions and more!

Matt Hendrickson is an accomplished Sales and Business Director with a proven track record of excellence in the Healthcare industry. With years of experience under his belt, Matt has consistently demonstrated his ability to lead and drive results in both service and capital equipment markets.

His expertise spans a wide range of areas within the healthcare sector, including Medical Devices and Dental Equipment. Matt is not only skilled in product knowledge but also excels in areas such as Business Management Software Applications, Sales, Marketing, Sales Operations, and Business Planning.

Throughout his career, Matt has showcased his talent for assembling and managing diverse teams, guiding them towards success in competitive markets. His dedication to achieving excellence in healthcare sales and business operations has made him a valuable asset in the industry.

With his passion for innovation and a deep understanding of the healthcare landscape, Matt Hendrickson continues to make a significant impact, driving growth, and delivering exceptional results in his field.

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