Simplify Your Dental Practice Management | Dr. Addison Killeen | The Dental Brief #124

December 15, 2021 • 11 minutes

Dr. Addison Killeen
Dental Success Network
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Addison Killeen, DDS is a practicing dentist, author, speaker and business coach. He understands how important it is to Simplify Your Dental Practice Management. He has owned 8 practices and currently owns one startup in Lincoln, Nebraska that is growing at a logarithmic scale. Prior to the dental field, he was a ‘numbers guy’ for a large conglomerate, where he learned that you need to keep watching the numbers no matter how big or small the company.

Also, he has traveled the world extensively to provide dental care to the poor and under-served. Each year he visits the Kobonai Mission in Hinche, Haiti, and has also visited Peru, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua to provide care. Dr. Killeen lives in Lincoln, NE with his wife Rachel and their two boys. Outside of the dental office, he enjoys endurance bike racing and all things outdoors.

Dr. Addison Killeen covers important topics such as your Case Acceptance Rate, Re-schedule Rate, Treatment Plan Acceptance Rate, Increasing New Patients and much much more!

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