Setting the Right Expectations for Your Practice | Ken Runkle | The Dental Brief #99

June 04, 2021 • 14 minutes

Ken Runkle

The Paragon Program

Ken Runkle is the founder and president of The Paragon Program. The Paragon Program is a full-service dental management and consulting company. They work with dentists to help increase revenues for practices quickly and efficiently. He defines the key ways doctors and their teams can excel by clarifying their dental practice expectations and giving the team members the right tools to succeed.

The Paragon Program™ is a dental practice management consulting firm with thirty-five years of proven results. According to our philosophy of high integrity, being rooted in wisdom and driven by excellence, we teach dentists how to develop and implement growth strategies that will help them grow their practice, achieve net profitability and over the long-term reach financial independence.

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