Secrets to Running a Successful Dental Lab | David Lesh | The Dental Brief #209

May 30, 2023 • 12 minutes

We are joined by David Lesh to discuss Secrets to Running a Successful Dental Lab and more!

David Lesh is an entrepreneur, speaker, author and consultant specializing in the medical practice and medical device industries with concentrations in dental practice, DSO and dental lab management.

David grew up in the dental lab industry and started and exited two national labs, built the industry’s first cloud-based management software and served as an interim VP of Operations for ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers, before starting 8&9 Consulting in 2019.

In 2000, David started Dale Dental specialized in manufacturing the latest and most high-tech dental restorations exclusively for dental labs. In this time David began building what would become the industry’s first cloud-based lab and practice management software.

In just a few year, Dale Dental became the world’s largest dental lab to labs, serving as a technology supercenter for over 5,000 dental labs. In addition, Dale Dental became the exclusive distributor for several well-known brands including BioCad, now Noble Procera All-on-4; Etkon, now Straumnann and Compartis ISUS, now Atlantis Abutments.

In 2014 David started Concert Dental Labs which he grew at over a 55% CAGR with industry leading gross margins. In addition, the proprietary web-based software he built, was responsible for over 90% of Concert’s cases being entered online by its doctors, an industry record for conventional impression cases.

David sold the software in 2017 and sold Dale Dental and Concert Dental Labs in 2018.

In 2019 David started 8&9 Consulting to work with dental practices, DSO’s, dental labs, medical device manufacturers and other medical practice types, to help overcome challenges in their business, find new opportunities and improve sales, operations and profits.

David served on the board of the Young Entrepreneurs Organization (YEO) as President and various other board seats over five years. David was instrumental in starting BizOwnersEd, an organization that teaches business owners how to scale and exit their businesses, through 10 four-hour classes per year.

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