Mental Health & Wellness in Dentistry | Dr. Martin Mendelson | The Dental Brief #272

June 3, 2024 • 22 minutes

Join us on The Dental Brief as we delve into the crucial topic of mental health and wellness in the dental profession with returning guest, Dr. Martin Mendelson. Dr. Mendelson, a dentist turned happiness coach, shares his inspiring journey from a career-threatening injury to a passion for helping others cultivate happiness and resilience.

In this insightful discussion, we explore:

• The Science of Happiness: Discover the research-backed strategies for building happiness as a skill and overcoming challenges.

• Dental Dualism: Learn how to break free from the mindset that separates the body and mind, and embrace a holistic approach to well-being.

• Overcoming Trauma: Hear Dr. Mendelson’s personal story of resilience and gain valuable insights on navigating setbacks and thriving.

• Mental Wellness for Dentists: Get practical tips on cultivating gratitude, managing stress, and prioritizing mental health in the demanding field of dentistry.

Whether you’re a dental professional struggling with burnout or simply seeking to enhance your overall well-being, this episode offers valuable insights and actionable advice.

About Dr. Martin Mendelson:

Dr. Martin Mendelson is a leading speaker and founder of Metamorphosis Coaching, specializing in team cohesion, communication, and building happier, more productive teams. He has worked with thousands of medical professionals and business leaders, empowering them to overcome challenges and create thriving cultures.

Learn more about Dr. Mendelson and his work at