Meet Patient's Expectations and Maintain Profitability | Bryan Laskin | The Dental Brief #186

March 08, 2023 • 18 minutes

We are joined by Bryan Laskin to discuss Meet Patient's Expectations and Maintain Profitability and much more!

MeeHaving learned from 20 years of providing care to anxious patients, Dr. Bryan Laskin is on a mission to reduce the stress of dental teams and patients through innovation, education and standardization. As the creator of Upgrade Dental, Digital Nitrous, OperaDDS and the co-founder of toothapps, he excels at helping others integrate technology and teamwork into their practices.

He’s helped to drive innovation at dental organizations such as Vyne Dental, Lake Minnetonka Dental, Talentship, Evergreen, Kwikly and Dental Standards Institute.t Patient's Expectations and Maintain Profitability.

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