Maximize Dental Revenue with Sleep Medicine | Chad Wooters | The Dental Brief #278

June 19, 2024 • 12 minutes

In this episode of The Dental Brief, we welcome Chad Wooters, MBA, the Director of Operations at Awaken2Sleep, to discuss integrating sleep medicine into dental practices to boost revenue and patient care. Chad has been a key figure in dental sleep medicine since 2018 and is the architect behind the Sleep Hero Network. His battle with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) fuels his dedication to raising awareness and equipping dental professionals with the necessary tools for success.

In this insightful conversation, Chad Wooters shares the inspiring origin story of Awaken2Sleep, founded by Michael Cohen. Initially a testing company, Awaken2Sleep soon shifted its focus to coaching and educating dental practices about sleep medicine, helping them understand the significant opportunities in treating sleep apnea.

The conversation also delves into the intricacies of medical billing for sleep appliances. Chad explains the process and highlights the benefits of using third-party billing services to streamline operations and ensure compliance. Furthermore, he introduces Awaken2Sleep’s comprehensive educational resources, including online courses and virtual training sessions, designed to equip dental professionals with the knowledge and skills to successfully incorporate sleep medicine into their practices.

Chad provides actionable tips for dentists exploring sleep medicine, encouraging them to start with sleep testing and offering fee-for-service options. He underscores the potential for significant practice growth and improved patient outcomes by addressing sleep disorders.

For more information, visit Awaken2Sleep. Whether you’re looking to dip your toe into sleep medicine or fully dive in, Awaken2Sleep provides comprehensive resources and support for your success.