Lessons from Successful Dentists & Business Owners | Timothy McNeely | The Dental Brief #131

February 09, 2022 • 13 minutes

Tim McNeely

The LifeStone Companies

Tim McNeely is CEO and Founder of The LifeStone Companies. Tim serves as the personal CFO to a limited number of dentists helping them create passive income in order to make work optional. Today he discusses lessons from successful dentists & business owners.

Mr. McNeely is a contributing author to leading dental publications such as Dental Economics, regularly interviewed on podcasts such as Dentistry Uncensored by Howard Farran, a frequent speaker at dental events throughout California, and the host of “Dental Wealth Nation”, where you can learn from top dental thought leaders on how you can build an amazing life of significance.

However, what matters most is Tim meeting his wife, Dana Yeoman D.D.S. In the process of joining lives together, Tim saw that he could have a big impact on Dana’s business. Seeing his wife's frustration with the complexity of running adental practice he set out to make things simple. Since meeting his Dana, Tim has helped busy dentists make informed decisions about their money so they can spend more time focusing on what they love to do and less time worrying about their business.

Want to learn more about The LifeStone Companies?

Visit: http://www.timmcneely.com/

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