Incorporating Medical Dentistry to Deliver a Better Patient Experience | Chris Nevarez

February 02, 2023 • 19 minutes

Today we are joined by Chris Nevarez to discuss Incorporating Medical Dentistry to Deliver a Better Patient Experience and much more!

Chris covers the 5 Basics to Medical E-Claims for Dental Implants.

Chris Nevarez has been a Dental Supply Distributer, Speaker and Trainer since 2000. Chris moved into General Business of Dentistry Consulting, Dental Markets Analysis and Medical E-Claims Training In 2014 and currently offers Cross Coding Tele-Training Courses and Study Clubs for Private Practices and Dental Societies.

Chris's 5 Basics to Medical Billing for Implants Program will share:

1. How qualifying patients can obtain a physicians referral to start the e-claim protocol and the vital first link in the claim.

2. How to obtain a pre-auth with additional authorizations to cover the entire comprehensive implant or A treatment plan.

3. What medical necessity diagnoses meet the minimum threshold for the exam and comprehensive treatment for implants and other surgical related procedures.

4. How to follow ethical and clinical guidelines for submitting the required necessity ICD10 diagnoses notes.

5. How to properly utilize and submit the CMS 1500 Claim Form and it's elec

equivalent, the 837-5100 via ACH (automated-clearinghouse).

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