How your Dental Practice Can Improve Case Acceptance | Darren Kaberna | The Dental Brief #39

January 15, 2021 • 16 minutes

We welcome Darren Kaberna back for a second appearance on The Dental Brief to discuss How Dental Practice Can Improve Case Acceptance! He shares on the way a practice can measure their case acceptance totals by comparing the dollars prescribed versus the dollars completed. This helps give dentists an approximate measure. The ideal case acceptance percentage should be between 45-50% .

If this percentage is lower, a practice should begin to evaluate a plan of strategy to effectively talk with patients about treatment plans. However, it is possible that case acceptance can be too high for instance between 80-90%, mostly caused by insurance issues. When a dentist learns ways to properly talk through with patients about care plans they will most likely find themselves in the sweet spot range of around 50% case acceptance!

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