How to Talk to Your Patients About Substance Abuse | Dr. Ronni Brown | The Dental Brief #56

February 24, 2021 • 16 minutes

Dr. Ronni Brown is a renowned and experienced dental speaker. She currently works at a medium-security correctional facility in Northern California where she helps treat patients with addiction such as “meth mouth” Today she brings a tremendous amount of value and information to our listeners on how clinicians can be better about talking to their patients who may suffer from a substance abuse issue. Nobody likes having hard conversations, but Ronni shares some ways doctors can improve their communication with patients. First, you must manage your own emotional reaction to addiction.

Next, you must understand the patient’s perception so they will not feel judged. You can do these two things by being objective as well as sharing your core values and why you got into dentistry with your patient. This can truly help them understand why you are asking these questions and how important it is in terms of the correct treatment plans. Dentists need to be aware of their patients' substance history, so they can develop and determine what is truly the best plan of action to treat the patient.

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