How to Eliminate Dental Inventory Hassles | Tiger Safarov | The Dental Brief #243

October 19, 2023 • 12 minutes

We are joined by Tiger Safarov to discuss How to Eliminate Dental Inventory Hassles and more!

Tiger Safarov is a serial entrepreneur and construction professional who has dedicated their career to making a difference in the industry. Tiger is currently the founder of Zen Supplies, a construction materials company that is shaking up the status quo and making waves in the industry.

Prior to starting their own company, Tiger Safarov was President of the Construction Management Association of America IIT Student Chapter. Tiger was also the Operations Manager and Instructor at Computer Systems Institute. In these roles, they were responsible for sales, marketing, customer service, project management, procurement, warranty management and process development.

Tiger Safarov has a proven track record of success in the construction industry. Tiger is a true visionary who is always looking for new and innovative ways to improve the construction process. Tiger’s passion for making a difference in the industry is evident in everything they do.

Tiger Safarov completed a Bachelor’s degree in Architectural Engineering and Construction Management from the Illinois Institute of Technology. Tiger then went on to receive an associate degree in IT from the Computer Systems Institute. Finally, they completed a Bachelor’s degree in Construction of Oil and Gas Pipelines and Storage Facilities from Petroleum Jobs.

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