Getting the Most out of your Hygienist | Susan Leckowicz | The Dental Brief #76

April 12, 2021 • 12 minutes

Susan Leckowicz

Dental Coaches

Susan is the CEO of Dental Coaches, helping practices around the country with strategic planning, budgeting, case agreement, profitability, and much more! She grew up in a dental family and started her career as a dental assistant before working as a dental hygienist. She now has over 12 years of coaching experience. Today, Susan talks to our audience about the possibilities of transferring off and ending PPO plans in your dental practice.

Before considering this, you must have at least a 6 to 12-month window of planning. It is important to start having these conversations with your patients early and to explain to them what you contract with PPO insurance plans might not be the best fit for you any longer. She also shares how practices can incorporate in-house plans and what that might look like as well.

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