Financial Tactics to Scale, Grow, and Optimize Your Dental Practice | Dr. Hendrik Lai

February 09, 2023 • 17 minutes

Today we are joined by Dr. Hendrik Lai to discuss Financial Tactics to Scale, Grow, and Optimize Your Dental Practice & much more!

Dr Hendrik Lai is the Co-Founder of the Madison, Wisconsin-based management consulting firm, Sage Dental Consulting. Over many years of real-world, hands-on experience as a dental surgeon, multiple practice owner, private equity advisor, and global business leader, he has honed his process and approach to achieving sustainable growth for his clients.

His proven success and experience across private practice, group dentistry, government, academia and publicly traded companies has made him highly sought after by clients ranging from startup offices to multinational consulting firms. In addition to his dental degree, Hendrik holds MBA, EMBA, MS, business analytics and organizational leadership qualifications.

He is a Chartered Management Consultant, Certified Manager and a Fellow of the Institute of Managers and Leaders, the International Institute of Directors and Managers, and the Institute of Leadership and Management. He is a full Member of the Institute of Management Consultants, Academy of Dental Management Consultants and the Strategic Management Society.

As a recognized industry thought leader, Hendrik has been featured by dozens of major media outlets including Fox, CW, ABC, NBC and CBS, as well as dental industry media.

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