Effective Communication Strategies for Dental Leaders | Erick Vickery | Dental Brief #274

June 7, 2024 • 21 minutes

Tired of team conflict, high turnover, and feeling like you’re constantly pulling teeth to get things done?

In this episode of The Dental Brief, we dive deep into the art of effective communication for dental leaders with Eric Vickery, the Director of Coaching at All-Star Dental Academy.

Eric, a seasoned dental consultant and Maxwell Team Certified Coach, shares his “”HERO”” leadership acronym – a practical framework for building a thriving, motivated dental team. Discover how to be a humble yet confident leader, equip your team for growth, build strong relationships, foster optimism, and embrace servant leadership.

We tackle the tough questions:

• How do you motivate a team that seems stuck in a rut?

• Why is training your team essential, even if you fear they might leave?

• What does servant leadership look like in a dental practice?

Whether you’re a dentist struggling to lead your team or a team member seeking a more positive workplace, this episode is packed with actionable insights to transform your dental practice into a well-oiled machine.

Don’t miss Eric’s real-world examples and practical advice on fostering a culture of growth, communication, and mutual respect.

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About Eric Vickery:

Eric Vickery is a passionate advocate for dental professionals, dedicated to helping them achieve their full potential. With a background in business administration and years of experience managing and coaching dental practices, Eric brings a unique blend of business acumen and leadership expertise to the table. As the Director of Coaching at All-Star Dental Academy, he empowers dental teams nationwide to create thriving practices where everyone loves to work.