Dental Team Turnover in Practices | Shira Neman & Kary Helmer | The Dental Brief #53

February 17, 2021 • 14 minutes

Kary Helmer

Growth Mindset Dental Consultants

Shira Neman

Growth Mindset Dental Consultants

Shira and Kary founded Growth Mindset Dental Consultants after pursuing careers working in dental offices. They established that there was a great need to create a collaborative and profitable dental team. Today they talk about some steps you can take to help reduce turnover in your practice. Shira stresses how you cannot just hire to fill a role. She discusses how you have to consider the person’s character and personality. And also how they might fit with your current team members.

They also emphasize how important it is to make your dental team a part of practice decisions and to find out what are some of the key motivators for your team. Once you are aware of motivators, you can begin to make these things a reality for your dream and truly show them you are invested in each one of them.

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