Dental Sleep Medicine | Dr. Mitchell Levine | The Dental Brief #105

June 23, 2021 • 12 minutes

Dr. Mitchell Levine is board certified in orthodontics and dental sleep medicine. He is currently the President-elect of the AADSM Board of Directors and an associate professor for the Center for Advanced Dental Education at St. Louis University. Dr. Levine shares his insight and knowledge on how a dentist can begin to expand their career and explore to study dental sleep medicine and what that path may look like.

Among his accomplishments, Dr. Levine performed the first early aneurysm surgery at Mount Sinai and pioneered the use of temporary clip occlusion in complex aneurysm cases. More recently, he investigated the use of a novel radiotherapy treatment for malignant brain tumors and has presented his work on the radiosurgical treatment of multiple brain metastasis.

In addition, Dr. Levine s clinical and research interests include neuromodulation and the interface of technology and biology, as well as the understanding of the molecular mechanisms of intervetebral disc degeneration and repair. Dr. Levine is one of the few clinically expert spine surgeons to be actively involved in laboratory research and has widely published with Dr. Chahine.

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