Dental Radiography: Improving the Diagnostic of Radiographs | Janet Simpson | The Dental Brief #150

April 15, 2022 • 19 minutes

Janet Simpson

Today we are joined by Janet Simpson of to discuss Dental Radiography, improving the diagnostic quality of your radiographs and much more!

Obtaining quality radiographs would be easy if all our patients had big mouths, nice wide arches, high palettes, and straight teeth. However, we often have crowded arches, malposed and rotated teeth, touching gag reflexes, pushy tongues, chubby cheeks, and patients who tend to be exasperated or uncooperative. To make things even more difficult the wired sensors are smaller, harder, bulkier, more uncomfortable than film and black or dark blue. To top it off dental assistants that have been trained on the job "learned" to take dental X-rays in one weekend. They were never taught the secrets of shadow casting, or bisecting. My mission is to help.

I've been a speaker, but would like to focus more of my attention to in person coaching.

My co-worker Darlene is an RDAEF with over 40 years in dentistry. She and I want to spend more time in dental offices coaching dental assistants in all aspects of their job.

Janet Simpson, is a registered dental assistant in San Diego California. She began her career in 1989 working in general and pediatric dental offices, but found her niche in education. Currently, she is a speaker, consultant and owner of Dental Fundamentals Continuing Education. she enjoys her roles as dental assistant, dental assisting instructor, clinic coordinator, and team trainer. She has presented "Rad Refresher" at the California Dental Association CDA presents multiple times, as well as smaller meetings and various study clubs. She is also an experienced trainer in regulatory compliance and California infection control requirements.

Mrs. Simpson’s vision for her training company, Dental Fundamentals C.E., is to study challenges, uncover solutions, and connect the learner to increased knowledge and skill. Because over 50% of all the dental assistants in the state of California have been trained on the job, providing access to quality education is one of her highest objectives. Her goal is to provide access to information that many training programs did not have time to present and to remove the barriers to professional growth. Janet has been recognized as an exemplary online instructor by San Diego Mesa College where she worked as an adjunct instructor for 5 years. Her online courses can be found at

Janet is passionate about supporting the underserved. She enjoys her work as Clinic Coordinator of Cura Smiles Dental Clinic, where she facilitates volunteers providing pro bono oral healthcare to those in need in the heart of San Diego. Cura Smiles was recognized as Oral Health Champion for San Diego County in 2021.

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