Dental Billing Process and Reporting | Josh Smith | The Dental Brief #123

December 14, 2021 • 13 minutes

Josh Smith
Dental ClaimSupport
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Josh Smith attended the University of Georgia and graduated from UGA’s Terry College of Business in 2009. After college, he quickly joined a dental group. Based out of Savannah GA, he developed a flawless dental billing process which was used in all the group’s practices. Josh Smith is an expert in Dental Billing Process and Reporting.

His process raised the entire group’s collections from $9.7 million to $12.25 million in just 22 months! Without the addition of any offices, collections grew 26% and collections percentage skyrocketed from 88% to 98% in that 22 month period.

With this success, Josh and two other co-founders birthed Dental ClaimSupport — an industry leading firm that eliminates insurance strain and ensures dentists collect what they produce.

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