Decrease Cancellations By Increasing Value | Sharyn Weiss | The Dental Brief #193

March 23, 2023 • 14 minutes

Sharyn Weiss
Weiss Practice Enhancement
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We are joined by Sharyn Weiss to discuss Decrease Cancellations By Increasing Value and much more!

Dr. Sharyn Weiss began her career in practice management as the Curriculum Designer and Senior Consultant at Pride Institute, where she designed a two-year leadership program serving 2,500 dentists. While at Pride, she wrote four management books for dentists on issues such as employee compensation, leading productive team meetings, phasing out of insurance, and facilitating team training.

Over the last 20+ years, Dr. Weiss has also been the direct consultant for hundreds of dentists nationwide with 95% of her clients re-signing to work with her year after year. It is immensely rewarding for her to build on these relationships and to see her clients’ growth.

As an early pioneer of experiential learning, Dr. Weiss designs workshops so that team members are actively engaged in learning new skills and developing insights into their behavior. She has published several articles about experiential training and was the co-author of The Big Book of Humorous Training Games, which represents her philosophy that learning should be fun and impactful.

Dr. Weiss’s work as a consultant has been influenced by a BA in English from Queens College and an MA from Ohio State University.

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