Roadmap to Resilience: SMILE | Dr. Menaca Pothalingam | The Dental Brief #152

April 22, 2022 • 16 minutes

Dr. Menaca Pothalingam

Smile Leadership Academy

Today we are joined by Dr. Menaca Pothalingam of Smile Leadership Academy to discuss Roadmap to Resilience: SMILE and much more!

Menaca is a dentist, serial social entrepreneur, renowned leadership and resilience trainer, best-selling author, advocate for mental health and ambassador for women’s empowerment. Menaca is lovingly described as “the next Oprah” of Asia and can be seen on the BBC, IBC TAMIL, ILC Radio and her own talk show “Meet Menaca”.

Her multi-award-winning leadership and resilience training programes, strategies and coaching, offered to healthcare professionals and teams result in measurable improvements for her clients – 20% increase in performance, 10% increase in profits, a reduction in absenteeism, an increase in staff satisfaction and reduction in costs by 10% is a common result.

Having grown her own practice fivefold in just 10 years and having spent 25 years in the industry, she knows how to combine the invisible inner development and leadership strategies to guarantee an increase in performance, productivity and profit without stress and burnout.

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