Pros and Cons: PPO vs Fee For Service | Dr. Tuan Pham | The Dental Maverick | The Dental Brief #140

March 11, 2022 • 22 minutes

Dr. Tuan Pham

Dental Maverick

Dr. Tuan Pham maintains a general private practice in Austin, TX. He practices 4 days a week seeing an average of 4 doctor patients a day and has an office production of 1.3 million a year. He is the creator Dental Maverick, a training series focused on mastering communication, leadership and management skills. He is also the host of Dental Maverick Summit which is a live CE event focused on the business aspects of dentistry.

Today Dr. Pham joins us to discuss Pros and Cons: PPO or Fee For Service for your Dental Practice?

Dr. Pham has three highly rated books on Amazon:

1. Success, Profitability and Destiny Begins with you

2. Dental Systems Manual

3. Dental Q&A

He has had research published on the cover of Compendium (July 2007 Vol. 28 No. 7) and was on the cover of Dental Town magazine October 2017 edition.In addition, he and has been on numerous podcasts including: Dental Town with Howard Farran, The Relentless Dentist, Dental Practice Heroes and many more. On Dental Town, he is among the top 5 followed among 235,000 registered users.

In his free time, he spends time with his lovely wife Kristin, new daughter Asher and soon to be soon Oliver, walks his dogs, goes fly fishing and drinks beer while watching college football.

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