Luke Gheen

Owner at Gheen & Co., CPA, LLC
Payroll Taxes Dental Practice

Payroll Taxes in a Dental Practice

Luke is a long-time resident of Colorado with extensive corporate finance and Payroll Taxes Dental Practice Experience. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Colorado in 1999, and received his MBA from the University of Colorado in 2007.

Luke started Gheen & Co., CPA in 2010 to help dentists simplify their accounting and tax ecosystem, save substantial money in tax, and grow their practice. Luke is the founder of Gheen & Co., CPA, LLC is uniquely positioned to address the dental practice accounting and consulting needs of dentists and oral healthcare businesses.

Understanding how to handle payroll for your small business can easily turn into a nightmarish quest. Different kinds of pay, deductions and labor laws all need to be considered and handled properly. Click here to find more information on how to calculate payroll in your dental practice.

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